Welcome to the website for the IEEE Control Systems Society’s Technical Committee on System Identification and Adaptive Control (TCSIAC). TCSIAC is in charge of promoting, coordinating and organizing activities sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society in the areas of system identification and adaptive control.

System identification and adaptive control are exciting fields characterized by a strongly interdisciplinary nature that draws from systems theory (both linear and nonlinear), signal processing, optimization, and statistics. The breadth and impact of applications extends from traditional engineering fields to problems in economics, biology, medicine, and ecology. These wide-varying interests are reflected in the membership of TCSIAC.

We hope that the site will serve as a useful resource to any members of the technical community at large interested in these topics, whether they are academic researchers, students, instructors, or industrial practitioners. Members in good standing of the IEEE Control Systems Society are welcome to apply for membership by contacting the TC Chair Simone Formentin at simone.formentin@polimi.it